Our Process

Web design and development projects done transparently and collaboratively.

Rezurected’s goal on every web project is to
be great by design, not by accident.

It takes insight, experience, dedication and discipline to build successful websites. At Rezurected, we use a proven methodology on every web design and development project that involves client feedback and approval every step of the way so there are no surprises. The outcome is an innovative, mind-blowing web product.

1. Discovery

Information Gathering

Your marketing success depends on continuous, open communication. That’s why we start every project with a simple dialogue with everyone involved. We learn about you, your business, marketing  objectives and the challenges you face. Understanding our clients business and expectations of how the Internet can be of value to them is the first step. From there, we can proceed to a proposal that details timetable, web flow, process and project cost.

2. Planning

Plan of Action

Strategic thinking is the foundation of all creative messaging and design. It establishes a focused understanding of what needs to be accomplished and points all disciplines in the same direction before any creative work begins. Checklists and timelines are prepared for the client so that all parties know the milestones and key dates to keep on schedule. Successful communication brings successful results.


The Look of Success

A well-executed design becomes a lifelong asset to an organization. But it’s more than just words and pictures. It’s the overall experience that helps define a brand’s relevancy and value to its customers in the digital environment. After sitting down with you and discussing the requirements of the new site and the image it needs to convey, we create the art direction.

4. development

Putting It Together

Once design samples representing how the main pages of the site will navigate are approved, production begins. Our design and technical staff, armed with schematic, functional specifications, an approved layout and all client content are ready to efficiently produce the images and ideas that are converted to html/css code.

5. testing

Making Sure it works

This phase involves testing all applications for cross-platform and browser compatibility. In simple terms, we make sure your website/web application works on both Mac’s and PC’s. After all internal testing is complete, it’s the client’s turn. The ball is now on your court as we await final feedback prior to going live.

6. implementation

Ready, Set, Go!

Once testing is complete, we launch the website. Our goal is to consistently deliver better than anticipated results. We go to great lengths to ensure your campaign is deployed, painlessly, economically and successfully. Once it’s out the door, we submit it to all major search engines and start preparing for the next phase.

7. Maintenance

Keeping it fresh

Once launched, we move to the optional maintenance phase. With the site being live 24/7 around the world, we will continuously work with interacting users and update the site to keep it current. Whether you are interested in small changes, Google Analytics help, or major enhancements, our web specialist and support team are ready to discuss the next steps to your website.

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